Landlord Law

Landlord/Tenant issues are among the most complex in the law. Few attorneys, and indeed few judges, fully understand all the requirements and intricacies of this area. It is critical, therefore, to have an experienced attorney to guide you through the eviction process. When it comes to evictions, leases, and other Landlord/Tenant issues, Ron McGaw, Esq. is among the best in his field.

We handle, among other things:




-Section 8 matters

Key Benefits of Our Firm

Experience: As a Judge for 10 years, Ron McGaw, Esq. has handled literally thousands of evictions as well as other Landlord/Tenant issues from both sides of the bench. He will be able to explain what the law requires, and what you ought to do.

Knowledge of the System: Because Judges themselves sometimes do not fully understand what the law requires, some courts impose their own extra-legal requirements. Having a lawyer who is familiar with the local courts is critical. Ron McGaw, Esq. will guide you through this delicate and unpredictable maze.

He Wrote the Book: While serving as a Judge, Ron McGaw, Esq. wrote a pamphlet entitled “Landlord & Tenant Guide to Evictions,” which was handed out to all landlords and tenants appearing in the City of Poughkeepsie Court. This simple pamphlet has, since its release, served as a clarification of the law not only for litigants, but also for many attorneys and local judges.

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